Home remedies for Pneumonia

Thyme tea is said to be good for respiratory illness.
As is Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar in ½ glass of warm water. Drink it throughout the day.
Breathe in steam from a shower with Oils or herbs can be added
In case of chest pain: 
Tea made with fresh ginger or turmeric root or powder can help reduce mucus.
Leave in boiling water for 10 min
Both are anti-inflammatory and a natural pain relief
A cause of probiotic will help build the immune system up again, as it heals the gut.
(Remember the immune system is closely related to the stomach)
If you have shortness of breath:
Drink Coffee or other caffeine, as it opens up the airways
Try to sit in front of a fan, as it is said to help breathlessness
What to eat:
A diet rich in protein is said for the people suffering from pneumonia. 
Nuts, seeds, beans, white meat, salmon and sardines have anti-inflammatory properties. They all help to repair the damaged tissue.
Vegetables like kale, lettuce, spinach contain antioxidants, so will assist in the healing process.
Orange juice, lemons, berries and Kiwis all contain vitamin C and antioxidants good for the immune system
Dont smoke, if you can help it.
Stay away from alcohol as it lowes the immune system

Make sure you have lots of rest!

Drink Lots of Liquids (water, herbal teas, soups) At least 8 cups of liquid a day
*SEE COUGH for further remedies*


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